Sprinkler Systems

Adding a sprinkler system to your property is a great way to cut down on time spent and thoughts worrying about if your plants are getting enough water. If you are doing a major landscape design on your property, definitely include a sprinkler system int he budget! All the clients who have had sprinkler systems install say thank you so much for making this improvement. We use state of the art sprinklers and technology ready to meet your irrigation needs. When installation is complete, we always try to have you set up for any future changes you might have. This is a huge money saver for our clients. Let's say a year from now you want to add a garden to your property. We can plan ahead and make it super easy to tie your garden water into your current sprinkler system. The less work you have to do the better right?

Being the designers and the laborers, we understand the details to different sprinkler setups. After analyzing your project we will recommend the different options you have to choose from, or we can pick the best system we believe will adequately fit your property. If we are involved in building your landscape then we will build it in a way that makes the sprinkler system easy to install. Maybe patio sprinklers, or the classic lawn sprinklers. When we design your build we make the plans include a high quality sprinkler system that will last for multiple years to come. 

Due to the cold temperatures in the winter, we want to make sure your sprinkler system is safe during the cold months of the year. The best way to winterize a sprinkler system is by using compressed air to push all the water out of the pipes and into the air. If we are able to get the water out of the sprinkler pipes then we can avoid having any frozen pipes. When a pipe freezes with water in it the water will expand and cause the irrigation line to crack. When the weather warms we then find leaks in your system. If a sprinkler system has a leak, it can go unnoticed until the problem is large. What happens is the water leaks out underground causing a void under the soil layer. By the time someone finds out about the leak we already have a large hole underground, making it more work to fix. A couple signs to look for if you think you have a leak in your system: watch for puddled water on the surface, also see if water is moving through your system when all the sprinklers are off. This means all the openings for the system have to be closed and the system must be pressurized. If you do this and you don't have water moving through the pipes, then you don't have a leak! Our team is happy to investigate your sprinkler system for you if you think you might have a leak or a break in the line.