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Landscape Design and Installation

We know you have a vision for your landscaping dream and we are here to bring it to reality. Our designers are going to listen to your ideas and put them into a plan. Using sketches and blueprints, our landscape architects will allow you to see the project before we even break ground. Once you are happy with the plan we begin the installation process. This is where you see your ideas come to life. 

Landscaping Lawn Care and Yard Clean Up

We keep you from sweating by doing all the dirty work. Not only do we clean up during and after our projects, but we offer landscaping services as well. If you have a yard that needs cleaned up, or you just have routine maintenance like lawn care, we can do that. We have dedicated teams specialized in mowing lawns! 

Grading and Leveling

With our heavy machinery we are able to do a complete overhaul of your outdoor surface. Moving large amounts of dirt from the earth and relocating it elsewhere, bringing more or different material in, or just reshaping and leveling the dirt you have are all options on the table. 

Retaining Walls

Adding a retaining wall to your property can help with leveling ground, directing water flow, or just cleaning up a hillside to make it look better. We have a variety of materials and types of retaining walls we can build for you. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help!


Change your outdoor space entirely by adding a hardscape installation. Bricks, patios, stones, paths can change the overall feeling and style of an outdoor space and make it that much more inviting. 

Sprinkler Systems

Tired of having a dead and dry lawn? Tired of moving sprinklers and hoses around the yard? Different yard layouts will call for different sprinkler setups, but we are able to design a sprinkler system that will bring you the least amount of effort. We will figure out the easiest sprinkler system for your property. Whether it's classic grass sprinklers or patio drip systems, we can provide the quality you need to get your irrigation done right. 

Landscaping Lighting

Due to our exposure to so many different landscape designs we have seen what lighting works and doesn't. A third party company will not always know the best lighting for your property. As expert landscapers we do. We can easily add landscape lighting that will illuminate the most important features. Making your property pleasing to the eye during the dark hours. 

Water Features

Mow Landscaping has success when it comes to building varies types of water features. The build process and installation of water features is a huge transformation for your landscape. Adding ponds and garden pools and bring the look and feel you desire. We do our best to utilize water to bring more personality and uniqueness. There's always something special about having a pond or fountain on your property. 

Storm & Disaster Cleanup

We can deal with the mess that comes from the aftermath of a storm or disaster. Fallen trees, flooding, these are all types of clean up you will need to do after a big storm. Let us help you out! Give us a call. 


Having problems with water flow on your property? A property drainage system is going to solve that problem. Have us investigate your situation and give you a quote with the best option to manage the water flow on your property. 

Synthetic Turf Installation

There is no better time to get synthetic turf installed in your yard. Having an artificial lawn comes with many benefits and it is a step towards a greener world. The amount of time and resources used to maintain your lawn will be drastically cut when you install a synthetic yard. 


It doesn't matter what type of fence you are looking for. Let us know the vision you are looking for and we will draw out the plans and give you the best estimate. Many properties have been improved due to fence installation. Whether you are going for aesthetic appeal or for something more practical, we can help you out. 

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Mow Landscaping started with a passion to bring professional landscaping services to every home and business in our area. When our environment is healthy, we become more healthy. With the right design and maintenance we can transform any property.