Hope you enjoyed the landscaping photos. We have talked about this before and there is a real power to taking photos of your projects. Not only are you documenting the work you have done but you are also giving yourself motivation to get the job done and finish well. Finishing with excellence is a powerful skill to have when working in the landscaping industry. If you leave a project half way finished, or you leave a mess at the end of a job, it just doesn't leave a good impression. Even the process of cleaning and maintaining your tools is a good practice to have in your business and at home. For me, taking photos motivates me because that photo is going to last forever when the newness of the project will not. I'm not saying the projects we do fall apart or anything. I'm just saying that overtime your landscape projects will settle in to a different state of permanence. It's that moment when you just finish a project that you can take a step back and say "wow" we did that. It's such a good feeling. If you don't take a photo then you just have the memory to hang on to in your head. If you're like me you might forget all the projects you've ever done if you don't have the photos to remind you. So on your next project, get your crew together and take some photos. Have a celebration for another job well done, you deserve it. We work hard in this industry and manual labor can be tiresome to many people. There is a discipline we have to have in order to keep ourselves going and pushing on to the next project. We will take all the motivation we can get and if taking photos of the job well done is a motivation factor, I'm in!