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DIY Landscaping: Avoid The Mistakes That Yakima Residents Frequently Make In The Yard

DIY Landscaping: Avoid The Mistakes That Yakima Residents Frequently Make In The Yard

YAKIMA, Washington —

Do It Yourself (or DIY) landscape projects are booming right now in Yakima. With the extra time at home and budgets tight, DIY projects can be a great way to pass time. It is now time to upgrade your home and make your property look great!

Our family decided to tackle a backyard landscaping project recently — fortunately, I am a professional landscaper!

Here are some helpful tips to avoid making mistakes in your yard.


Two of the biggest mistakes is planting what and where the wildlife like to eat and taking on a project too big.


We looked at our garden and flower beds and realized they needed some cleaning. We decided to lay down mulch and put in a path. This gave us a designated walkway.

Our budget was $500.

Our kids are not good at landscaping but they love to learn. I did most of the work but it was fun to have them along for the journey. Sometimes just holding a shovel or fetching me tools from the garage.

We managed to stay under budget due to a sale that was going on at a local landscape store, and with my discount as a landscaper.

After we were done, my son said I didn’t do a good job… I was like, “what do you mean?” He then said, “you did an awesome job!” haha


Some materials you might want to have before starting a landscaping project like this would be a rake, shovel, edger, and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. The materials we used were bricks, rocks, mulch, and some larger stones. We could have also used some land to level the walkway but we skip that this time due to how well the dirt was moving.

Make sure you measure out all of your dimensions before you start. If it helps, draw your design out on a piece of paper so you can actually see what you are building. Our patio and walkway have a weird shape to them so I really needed to think through and estimate the amount of material I was going to use.

If you are going to be transforming an area where you already have grass you might consider digging up the grass before you start. Actually renting a grass removal machine can speed up the process.

For walkways you want to have your material go about 3 inches deep so that you have room to work and level. Tampering the ground will help compact it and this technique can be used in the leveling process. Use a long board to see how level you are. Walk away to get a better perspective. If you are putting down pavers or bricks you really want to make sure that ground is level before you start putting in your hardscape materials.

If you put stones in like we did, you can use lava rock to fill in between the stones to make it look nice. It will actually help the stones stay together.

Once you are finished with your project remember to really clean everything up and take a picture! Having that motivation to get a good clean picture helps to finish the job well.

In order to avoid the big mistakes take these actions:

  • Plan out your project. Draw it out and set a budget.
  • Make sure you have all the materials you need before you start
  • Reuse any material instead of throwing it away
  • When installing a walkway make sure it is level
  • Clean up that project at the end for a finish photo.

Good luck!

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DIY Landscaping: Avoid The Mistakes That Yakima Residents Frequently Make In The Yard

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