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Proudly Serving: Yakima, Washington

Whether you are looking for a  landscape design team for your project, or a landscape maintenance service crew to maintain your property, we have you covered. Mow Landscaping can do a complete redesign of your outdoor property, and we can keep it looking fresh and beautiful. We use top notch landscaping materials in our projects and you will see our attention to detail in all of our maintenance services, because we love what we do and we are here to serve you. Whatever type of landscaping project you have in mind for your residential house or commercial building, we want to hear it! Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help you. 

Landscape Design



If you're not sure what will look best, don't get tied up in all the small details of your project like deciding turf or real grass, ponds or fountains, etc. The MOW Landscaping team will help you answer these questions based on the layout of your property and what will most suite your needs. It's our job to listen first and then help. Our teams work hard to keep your plans on track until completion. Our designers and installation experts are confident in offering you the best options to landscape your property. Whether commercial or residential, we have experience landscapers in places like brush clearing, irrigation/plumbing, installation, retaining walls, landscape design, lighting, hardscape, and more.  We have got you covered! More importantly, don't worry about contacting several companies to complete your project. Mow Landscaping services has the best teams in the industry. Now, let's hear about your project! Give us a call as soon as possible. 

Lawn Care Services


Precision and accuracy. We take our mowing seriously! Whether you have a large lawn with a lot of trees, fences, and shrubs, or if you have a small yard that's simple and just right for you. We can maintain it for you. Our lawn care teams take pride in their work and go above and beyond the cutting of grass. We can analyze your lawn and give it exactly what it needs in order to flourish to your liking. With our experience, we are familiar with the soil and grass that grows best in your area. We also have a dialed in system for the best time and quantity of water to put on it. Taking care of your lawn is an art and a science and it all benefits from experience. We treat each one of lawn care clients on an individual bases. We figure out the best mowing times that fit your schedule and will also produce the best results for your lawn. There are those who try to do the job as fast as possible and there are those who focus on doing it well. You can probably guess which landscaping crew we are! We want to make a long lasting impression with every property we help. We believe strongly in our services and are excited to see how we can help you with your lawn care needs. Give us a call today!

"We had a great experience working with this team..."

”We had a landscaping project we wanted to do on the back side of our property and we really wanted it to look natural. We wanted stone steps leading up the hill side to an area where our family could spend time together outside. You know, have meals together or a fire pit. Something fun! We also didn't know how to make the hill side look better in a natural way, while not spending a lot of money on it. We wanted it to look natural in order to get the look we wanted and for us to really feel like we were in nature. We thought having a more natural look would keep it low maintenance as well.  Due to the project size we knew we needed some professional help. Our friends told us about Mow landscaping and we are happy they did. We had a great experience working with one of their landscape teams and our property looks amazing now! I will be the first to admit that we were a little picky in how we wanted it to look and they ended up giving us the vision we had hoped for. Way better than we thought it would ever look actually. We would definitely recommend getting in touch with them for any landscaping needs you might have. I'm sure they will help you just like what they did for us. They even got the project done before our requested deadline which was a blessing. So fun to see our place transformed."

Mark and Suzanne

What Type Of Landscaping Service Are You Looking For?

When it comes to landscaping there are a variety of different projects that can take place on your property. Landscaping according to the dictionary means, "the process of making a yard or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs." This is exactly what we do. We either help you figure out what types of plants, features, or ground materials you can add to make your property look better, or we help you keep it looking amazing. The custom landscape projects are going to be a one time price that will be specific to your project. It is best if you request a quote from us first or talk to one of our landscape designers or landscape architects in order to get a good idea of what you are looking for. The other option is going to be on the maintenance side of things. This is your typical lawn care service where we cut the grass, string trim around the edges and maybe do some upkeep to your flower beds or trim your shrubs or trees. This type of work is more ongoing and we can get you on a payment schedule with us so that the worry of taking care of your outdoor space isn't on your mind anymore. That's the benefits of working with a local professional landscaping company. We do all the work so that you don't have to and we do it in a quick and efficient manner while still paying attention to detail. Every customer that we have is able to tell us specific details about their property that are important to them. We treat each property as it's own. We offer different services depending upon the season as well. You might like to have your lawn aerated or fertilized depending what time of year it is. 

About Mow Landscaping

Mow Landscaping started with a passion to bring professional landscaping services to every home and business in our area. When our environment is healthy, we become more healthy. Planting trees, bushes, flowers, putting in sod or growing grass from seed are all services we mastered with getting started. We also know providing services like mowing the lawn or weeding around the property can be work off your to do list when you higher a professional landscaping crew to do it for you. With the right design and maintenance we can transform any property. One of the best parts about being a landscaper in Yakima is providing outdoor services to our community. Don't let your plans wait, give us a call today.